Hi9 A Premium Beauty Brand

We have specialized set of products catering to varied needs of the customers developed with extreme care in our own automated plant.

"There's nothing more satisfying than a healthy skin".

About Hi9

The state of art, certified manufacturing facility with latest SCADA enabled manufacturing vessels housed in clean rooms fitted with RH monitors and HVAC with pass-box based material entry and integrated quality management system, Hi 9 is confident of flawless delivery of high quality products batch after batch to meet customer satisfaction.

The perceived benefits of the Hi 9 range of products are not merely ingredient driven, but are mandatorily application tested by an in-house panel and instrumentally tested in the application lab and further certified by internationally acclaimed claim vetting and testing laboratories of the highest repute.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Hi9 Range of personal care products is the maiden and latest offering from the house of Ananya Herbal Private Limited, having its registered office in the National capital and Works in District - Sonipat, Haryana, which represents its specialty personal care segment.

The brand brings with it, years of Research, Knowledge and Expertise of Ananya Herbal, in crafting great products of utility, quality, variety and value in the premium skincare and beauty segment, at very affordable prices.

The launch of the brand and the products underneath, is the culmination of years of expertise in developing, manufacturing and offering premium personal care products for an array of brands to enable them to establish their respective identity in the competitive market place.

High Emphasis is laid to make the products chemically and environmentally safe, free of any hazardous chemicals, minimum use of petroleum derived ingredients with majority having a natural or plant source, dermatologically tested and cruelty free. With its specialization in formulation development and manufacturing of cosmetic products, tailor made to suit customer requirement, Ananya has now forayed with its own Brand Hi 9, so that, it can provide the best designed products without any interference, compulsion or riders, often put forth by the collaborating brand partners.

9 is the maximum digit which means maximum. Likewise Hi9 offers maximum care for your precious "SKIN"

  • 9 a miracle number

    1. Symbolizes love & faith- Love for our customers and faith in what we do.

    2. It is the first composite lucky number.

    3. 9 is the highest single-digit number.

    4. 9 is the only positive perfect power.

    5. 9 also signifies “long lasting”

    6. 9 worthies known to personify the art of Chivalry.

    7. A healthy heart has 9 points used in Chinese medicine for healing.

    8. 9 also denotes transition or transformation.

    9. Personality traits of people with number 9 are remarkable.

  • 9 signs of beauty

    1. Intact ridges.

    2. No to dark circles.

    3. No to sagging.

    4. Hydrated skin.

    5. Juicy lips.

    6. Intact skin.

    7. No flattening of forehead.

    8. No stretched lobes.

    9. A beautiful “You”.

  • 9 Steps for a beautiful “You”

    1. Be +ve - It helps.

    2. Smile a lot - It costs nothing.

    3. Drink - Plenty of water, a natural source of hydration.

    4. Sleep -Tight as it is the best exercise for repair.

    5. Follow a regime for a bubbly and fresh skin (Eat skin healthy food and avoid junk food).

    6. Know well - Your skin type to offer a tailor-made treatment.

    7. Remove make-up don't take it along.

    8. Avoid - Chemicals they deplete the natural oils.

    9. Exercise - It is “You” a blessed one.

Quality Council Of India Creating an Ecosystem for Quality

Hi9 brand is driven by professionals with high standards of integrity, ethics and expertise with substantial knowhow in respective areas. The team is led by the corporate board which augments the work and functions of the respective teams for attaining efficiency, co-ordination and cohesion.

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Body Care

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