Unveiling The Secrets Behind Number 9

Unveiling The Secrets Behind Number 9

The Number 9: Skin Care Secrets Every Model Knows

A lot of people wonder about the name Hi9. Firstly, let's understand the vision behind Hi9. The brand and the products are the result of years of expertise in developing, manufacturing and offering premium personal care products for an array of brands to enable them to establish their respective identity in the competitive market place.

We make sure that all our products are chemical free and environmentally friendly and free of any hazardous chemicals, minimum use of petroleum derived ingredients with majority having a natural or plant source, dermatologically tested and cruelty free.

The launch of brand Hi9 signals the intention of the corporate to aim high, think big, dream even bigger to make it happen in the personal care arena. The number 9 symbolizes fulfillment, life mission, wisdom, higher consciousness and transformation, which now forms part of the Hi 9 logo to symbolize the 9 elements of the brand matrix. The transformation which Hi 9 intends to bring among its participants makes the digit 9, the curious nine for its brand identity.



It is the number of patience of harmony, meditation, inspiration and perfection of ideas. The number 9 is also a symbol of creation and represents that life is full of development and rhythm. Since 9 can be represented as 3 x 3, it denotes perfection, virile power.

9 Signs of Beauty

  • Intact ridges.
  • No to dark circles.
  • No to sagging.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Juicy lips.
  • Intact skin.
  • No flattening of the forehead.
  • No stretched lobes.
  • A beautiful “You”.

9 A Miracle Number

  • Symbolizes love & faith- Love for our customers and faith in what we do.
  • It is the first composite lucky number.
  • It is the highest single-digit number.
  • It is the only positive perfect power.
  • It also signifies “long lasting”
  • It worthies known to personify the art of chivalry.
  • A healthy heart has 9 points used in Chinese medicine for healing.
  • It also denotes transition or transformation.
  • Personality traits of people with number 9 are remarkable.

9 Steps For a Beautiful “You”

  • Be +ve - It helps.
  • Smile a lot - It costs nothing.
  • Drink - Plenty of water, a natural source of hydration.
  • Sleep -Tight as it is the best exercise for repair.
  • Follow a regime for a bubbly and fresh skin (Eat skin healthy food and avoid junk food).
  • Know well - Your skin type offers a tailor-made treatment.
  • Remove make-up, don't take it along.
  • Avoid - Chemicals they deplete the natural oils.
  • Exercise - It is “You” a blessed one.

We believe that now you know the reasons for choosing the number 9 and the various reasons behind it. We’ll get even better support from our customers. Also, we will continue serving you the best premium quality product in the future. So that our relationship becomes stronger day by day and you don't lose faith in us.

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