Hair Care Through The Ages Till Date!

Hair Care Through The Ages Till Date!

Amazing Historical Hair Care Facts About Healthy Hair Growth 

If you are 30+, just think when your hair was at its best? If you will reconcile, the answer will be when your grandparents or mother used to take care of your hair. When they used to massage your hair with different oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil, etc., or some natural conditioning like curd. When they used to put natural packs on your hair. And most importantly when you used to have a well-balanced diet along with lots of water and a very stress free life. These are the very basic necessities of your hair, which they demand from you.

Have You Wondered How People Cared For Their Hair in the Past? 

The modern liquid shampoo, as we know it, was only invented in 1927, and prior to this, people utilized several different methods to clean and treat their hair.

Natural, organic, and mostly plant-based ingredients were used due to their availability. Most of the washing, treating, and conditioning happened at home with homemade ingredients derived from age-old recipes.

Indian women are known for their long, shiny and healthy hair so it is no surprise that hair care features prominently in their self-care rituals. The Charaka Samitha (the definitive book on Ayurvedic medicine) describes the importance of oiling the hair and scalp, to maintain good health and prevent hair loss. 

In the Middle Ages, while hair care using animal parts existed, a traditional (and vegan) remedy for hair loss was a gel made of flaxseed and rosemary oil.

Instead, haircare came in the form of hair rinses, whether plain or perfumed with beneficial herbs and flowers. Ancient Javanese burnt dried stalks of rice and steeped the ashes in water overnight before using the liquid as a clarifying hair rinse. This was followed by coconut oil as a conditioner. In China, fermented rice water was used to strengthen and encourage hair growth. Both practices continue today – in methods virtually unchanged or through modern hair care products containing similar essences.

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The History of shampoo

Do you know? The word “shampoo” is derived from the Sanskrit word “champo” which means to knead or massage. The British colonists took to this hair care practice and like many aspects of Indian culture, was imported back to England where the practice of massaging the scalp with oil evolved into hairstylists using shavings of bar soaps in water to wash the hair and scalp.

Actually what happens is, as we grow older and get married our focus shifts especially all women take themselves for granted, in terms of their diet, their routines, and their own needs. The inner motherly emotions don’t allow them to think for themselves before kids or other family members.

As a result, the ones who take care of the whole house forget to pamper themselves.

It is the duty of all the other family members to return the love and affection to that one person who dedicatedly gives you her services. She deserves special pampering in the form of hair care, body massage, personal care, help, and support in whichever way it's possible.

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