Protect Your Skin From Raindrops & Their After-Effects!

Protect Your Skin From Raindrops & Their After-Effects!

How to Prevent and Treat 5 Common Skin Problems

Rain brings a lot of Joy & Happiness. The monsoon season is loved because of Long-Drives, cozy weather, Beautiful sight scenes and the environment is full of fresh air. It can’t get better than the Indian Monsoon season, but having said that, it brings many other things as well, such as lots of humidity, muddy roads, and moisture in the air as well as in clothes. It has been surveyed that a lot of skin problems take place during this season because of Humidity.

The skin problems that commonly occur are:-

INFECTIONS- The most common type of infections that occur in monsoon is facial, acne, and ringworm, the reason being there is a lot of excessive sweating, dehydration, photo-toxic effects of the sun, and, of course, humidity.

REMEDY- The ideal way to deal with such problems will be to keep the skin dry and avoid excess perspiration. Taking regular and Repeat bathing will help in maintaining hygiene. Try to avoid using public toilets as much as possible. Keep the body hydrated by drinking 10-12 glasses of water.

EXCESSIVE SWEATING- People tend to sweat more in this season. This is due to increased humidity in the air. Although excess sweating is considered as good, as it secretes toxins from our body & makes it healthier. But sweating also invites Many skins or fungal infections along with it.

REMEDY- The best treatment is Botox injections in this area, that reduces the sweating. Everyone knows of Botox as the wonder wrinkle -buster is medically used to treat a number of nerve and muscle-related disorders. 

PATCHY UNEVEN SKIN- Hyperpigmentation is characterized by a darkening of the skin caused by overproduction of a pigment called melanin in the skin. It is very common and harmless as well. It occurs due to excessive sun exposure.

REMEDY- Best way is to avoid sun exposure as much as Possible. For those who can’t avoid sunlight, there are many laser therapies available to treat the condition. Just, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before opting for anything.

DULL OR FRIZZY HAIR- Frizzy hair is any woman’s nightmare, the moisture in the air makes your hair frizzier or dull.

REMEDY- 1 tsp. Of Apple cider vinegar mixed with half a cup of water & pour it on your hair to calm the roots. Also, don’t use harsh shampoo on your head if you are dealing with dull or frizzy hair.

SKIN ALLERGIES- It is very common in cities like Delhi where pollution is so high. Commonly affected areas include the upper back, hands, and feet.

REMEDY- Antihistamines are the only way to treat though finding. The real culprit is very important in recurrent cases.


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