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Skin Toner: 5 Benefits and Why You Should Use it

Face Toner For Skin: Benefits, How To Apply, & When To Use

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three essentials of skincare. And while some theories claim toning is over-hyped or rather doesn’t help with anything, it makes people wonder what exactly is a toner and if it does help the skin at all.

There are a lot of questions surrounding toners; when to use toner day or night? What are the benefits of using toner at night? Are there any side effects of toner on the face? The myths regarding toners are just as many as the questions. And we believe you should hear from the skin experts! This blog aims to give you a brief about what toners are and what they do for your skin.

If you read this till the end you’ll find an answer to how to use toner and the best toner for glowing skin as well!
Basically, skin toners are designed to restore hydration and balance to your skin after cleansing, however, they can also help minimize the appearance of large pores, temporarily tighten the skin and remove oil and dirt naturally.
Adding a skin toner to your everyday skincare routine is the key to a radiant and more refreshed look.
So what does a skin toner do for the skin?

It is absolutely normal to search for the benefits and perks of a product before you start incorporating it into your skincare routine. We are here to help you make this easy decision by giving you the benefits of skin toner to keep in mind:

Face Toner For Skin: Benefits, How To Apply, & When To Use

1. Helps Balance Your Skin After Cleansing

Some cleaners can over-strip your skin as they do cleanse, but they end up drying the skin out in the process. Applying skin toner after cleansing helps to restore balance to your skin, and keeps it from feeling too tight or dry.

2. Skin Hydration

Skin toners are water-based, and aim at restoring hydration to your skin after cleansing. Many toners include additional hydrating ingredients to bind the water to your skin for longer-lasting results.

3. Refreshment for Your Skin

Spiriting your skin with a spray-on toner is a great way to start your daily skincare routine. It feels amazing and refreshing. Spraying on a toner post washing your face after working out will make your skin glow and boost the skin with hydration.

4. Soothes Your Skin

Using a botanically sourced skin toner is a great way to create a calming sensation for your skin. It also helps in alleviating any temporary redness or discomfort.

5. Helps Remove Makeup and Oil

Adding a skin toner to your daily skincare routine can help remove excess dirt and other impurities that stay as residue on your skin. Applying a toner after removing makeup ensures that the skin is thoroughly cleansed.

As for the benefits of toner for skin types, skin toners are equally beneficial to oily and dry skin. Since oily skin is more prone to acne and pimples, toners are helpful in treating this situation. They remove oil buildup, residue, and dead skin cells, with other skin breakouts.
The benefits of toner for dry skin are a long list of skincare achievements. The toners in the market today have soothing agents that reduce irritation & redness and hydrate dry skin. All of this is achieved by skin toners with cleansing the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Dry skin types must opt for a toner that contains humectants.
Humectants are skin care ingredients found in lotions and cleansers that hydrate the skin by attracting water molecules from the atmosphere like a magnet.
When it comes to toners one must steer clear of any harsh ingredients like alcohol and instead look for soothing, moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid.

How to Add Skin Toner to Your Routine

A toner can be used both morning and night as long as your skin is able to tolerate it. Adding a toner to your regime must be taken slowly and steadily. If your skin is sensitive, you can consult a dermatologist before adding toners to your skincare routine.

Applying toner in the morning removes sweat and other overnight dirt. People with oily skin or acne issues can work their way up to clear skin by using toner twice a day to help reduce acne and breakouts.
If your skin becomes dry or irritated by using a toner, go back to a once-a-day application. And if you’re still having issues, you might need to change the product you’re using.

Face Toner For Skin Hi9 Skin Toner

How to Use a Skin Toner?

There are two ways of application for skin toners: with cotton pads or with your hands.
If you opt for the former, just soak a cotton pad with the toner, then swipe it across your face. Work your way outward, and avoid sensitive areas like the eyes.

If you’re using your hands, add a few drops of toner to your palms and gently tap it onto your face.
You can also apply toner to your neck and chest by using the same methods.

As for the final and the most important question; what is the best toner for the face?
Hi9 Illuminating Skin Toner For Skin Tightening & Pore Refining is your answer! Hi9’s range of Toners and mist brings with it, the benefits of science compiled with the benefits of nature.

Each of the products under the skin toner category has been specially designed and uniquely crafted by Hi9 to take care of your facial skin concerns while addressing the requirement of all skin types, especially dull and dry skin, oily as well as acne-prone skin, and open skin pores.

Hi9’s Illuminating Skin toner product range has been formulated with precision and is safe to use on a sustained basis. The manufacture of which, both at the ingredient stage as well as at the formulation stage are environment-friendly and cruelty-free.

Adequate emphasis has been given to keep the formulations near to nature with the insertion of herbal extracts, oils, and other rich ingredients derived from natural sources.

The rich infusion of natural and herbal extracts in Hi9 Illuminating Skin Toner for Skin Tightening and Pore Refining; tone, refine, purify, brighten, illuminate, nourish, hydrate, protect and replenish moisture on the skin. At the same time, imparting benefits of oil control, pore refining includes ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Pullulan, Green Tea, Willow Bark, Chamomile, Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Polyglutamic acid, ginger Vitamin E, Aloe, and many more.

The benefits of Hi9 Illuminating Skin Toner For Skin Tightening & Pore Refining include. Reduction in the appearance of pores, helps with locking in moisture, balancing pH levels, restoration of natural nutrients in the skin, tightens and refreshing the skin and removing excess oil and makeup. Avail this miraculous toner and several other skincare essentials with Hi9’s beneficial product range and formulations.


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