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How to Use a Facial Scrub the right way - Complete Guide

How to Use a Facial Scrub the right way!

We know that developing a skincare routine is a must. And exfoliation is an important step. Your skin develops, ages, and regenerates continuously. Once you remove the layer of dead skin cells, you will have glowing, healthy skin. It is then ready to absorb the skin products used in the rest of the steps. It would be best if you had an exfoliator or a scrub to have healthy skin, but that is unnecessary. You will also need to understand how to exfoliate your skin correctly. Over-exfoliation can lead to redness, irritation, and breakouts that should be avoided at all costs. 

But why is exfoliation necessary in the first place?

It is necessary because your skin's natural ability to replace skin cells diminishes as you age, babies' skin does that quickly. If you do not exfoliate, your skin will collect the dead skin and harbour layers of it. This will lead to visible fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. Thus, exfoliation forms an essential part of your skincare routine. Exfoliation will leave your skin feeling baby-soft and supple. So, take advantage of this step.

However, before exfoliation, you will need to know your skin type.

1. Oily skin: Oily skin produces extra sebum, which may clog your pores. So, an exfoliator removes dead skin cells and keeps away bacterial growth. A face wash like this, Hi9 Green Tea & Chamomile, will remove impurities and prevent acne. 

2. Dry skin: Dry skin should be taken care of, especially if you are exfoliating. You will need a gentle exfoliator that gently removes dead skin, keeps flaky skin at bay, and keeps pH levels balanced. 

3. Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is especially vulnerable because your skin can easily cause irritation and breakouts. Therefore using the best products is highly important. Look for natural ingredients, such as turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This will help soothe your skin. But make sure to test it before you use it on your face. Do a simple patch test on your arm.

4. Combination skin: Since your skin gets oily and dry in some areas, you may want to use scrubs that have fruit ingredients. Cleanse your face with a vitamin C product before applying the scrub. Exfoliation twice a week is ideal for your skin type.

What is a Face Scrub?

The face scrubis a product that is used to exfoliate the skin. It is primarily cream-based and has little exfoliating particles in it. They help your skin stay healthy by removing dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells. It also aids in the reduction of clogged pores and acne. Scrubbing, or exfoliating, has been around for ages, but the formulas and methods have changed over the years.

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What are Some Benefits of a Scrub?

1. The first and most important one is removing dead skin cells. Dead skin cell build-up makes your skin look tired and dull and clogs pores. So, scrubs tend to keep them away. It also removes flakes from your skin.

2. Acne scars are reduced. Scrubs promote natural skin, reducing dark spots and acne scars. Once you include exfoliation as part of your routine, your scars will become lighter.

3. If you want to prevent ingrown hair, exfoliation is critical because ingrown hair can cause pimples. Choose a gentle exfoliator at all times.

4. It will make your skin smoother and improve its texture. Since you are exfoliating, it will also improve blood circulation and encourage the skin renewal process. It will also correctly absorb the skincare products into your skin.

How many times to use the Scrub on the Face?

The most frequently asked question is how often to use a scrub on the face. It may seem appealing to use a scrub daily. You should avoid doing it. They are a weekly skincare routine step; once a week is sufficient. However, you can also scrub twice a week.

Let's find out the steps below on how to use scrub and face wash:

1. How to use scrub - Washing

The first step is to cleanse or wash your face first with a mild cleanser. This will ensure that it removes the excess oil and dirt from your skin and prepares it for exfoliation. Even though the name suggests that you must scrub, do not do that. Cleansers like this Hi9 Fusion Penta Fruit Face Wash help give a healthy glow to the skin.

2. Now it's time to scrub.

Take a nickel-sized amount of product in your palm at all times. You can add a few drops of water and gently scrub your face with the least amount of pressure. Make sure you spread it evenly across your face in a circular motion. Remember, your face should be wet while applying a scrub, or it will irritate your skin

3. Next is massage.

The next step is massage. Use the tips of your fingers and gently massage the face in circular motions. It would be best if you massaged upwards to the corners of your cheeks, upper lips, and nose. You need to massage for about 10–15 seconds, then move down to the neck and chin and massage for another 10–15 seconds. It may seem that you'd want to scrub vigorously but refrain from doing that. A gentle massage will improve blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. You may want to avoid your eye area and your mouth since they are susceptible. Face scrubs for women, especially, are essential. Thus, scrubs like this Hi9 Gentle Exfoliant Face Scrub are gentle on the skin.

4. Rinse it all the way.

Once you are done with the exfoliation, you will need to clean your face with lukewarm or cold water. Then gently pat your skin dry with a towel. Again, do not rub your face. You also choose a combo Hi9 Gentle Exfoliating Scrub + Vitamin C Face Wash + Illuminating Toner + Hydra Gel Moisturizer for all benefits. 

5. Apply a Moisturizer.

You want to complete this step. Use the best face scrub, followed by a good moisturizer. A face moisturizer will retain the skin's moisture barrier and prevent dryness. It will also delay the appearance of wrinkles by keeping your skin nourished, supple, and hydrated for an extended period. And since you have exfoliated your skin well, ensure the skin is still damp because the moisturizer will get absorbed much more quickly when the skin is wet. A great moisturizer like this one protects your skin while also providing it with what it requires! Choose a Hi9 Hydra Gel Moisturizer for healthy & hydrating skin, We've covered everything. What are some don'ts that you need to keep in mind?

6. Keep away if you have breakouts.

Do not use a face scrub when your skin is consistently breaking out. Avoid the areas where there are breakouts in case you want to exfoliate since exfoliation will result in causing more acne and spread the bacteria even further. 

7. Mask to the rescue

Hydration is crucial; your skin will love you if you apply a mask too. Right after exfoliation, add a mask as an extra step to lock in moisture. You can use a moisturizer, too, once you are done washing off the mask.

8. Avoid Steam

Steaming before scrubbing is a bad idea. And why is that? Because heat makes the skin even more sensitive. Suppose you want to steam after you have finished exfoliating your face. 

Face scrubs play a crucial role in the skincare routine, so they should be done correctly. Knowing your skin type and using a gentle face scrub that suits your skin go a long way. Keep the side effects and dos and don'ts of your skin in mind. If you follow the steps, your skin will be healthy, smooth, and supple in the long run.

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