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Why Is It Necessary To Hydrate Your Skin?

Why Is It Necessary To Hydrate Your Skin?

We all know how much is it essential to keep our body hydrated especially during summer. But do you know that your skin needs hydration? Yes, it is equally important to hydrate our skin so that it glows and stays healthy & young. Hydration will rejuvenate your skin making it soft and smooth. If our skin is not properly hydrated it can become itchy and dry, therefore, gradually losing its glow. Hence, it is necessary to keep our skin hydrated both externally & internally.

Symptoms of Dehydrated Skin

  • Dull/dark-looking skin
  • Prominent dark circles and shadows around eyes
  • Itchiness
  • The appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
  • Dry mouth
  • Puffy eyes
  • Increased sensitivity

Let’s have a look at how to keep your skin hydrated & healthy

  • Drink plenty of water- The most important aspect to keep your skin and body hydrated is drinking plenty of water. You can also add coconut water as it also helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Water is very important to our overall health. Your body consists of about 70% water. Improper drinking of water can lead to wrinkles and make you lose your natural glow. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Use a gel based moisturizer- Gel based moisturizer are the best ways not only to lock moisture but also keep it hydrated. It is very light weight and easily gets absorbed in skin. These types of moisturizer are best for summers. Skin Moisturizer can help you get rid of dehydrated skin.
  • A Sunscreen Is a Must- Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent UVA and UVB skin damage every time you step out in the day. Sun exposure can dehydrate your skin, causing it to lose moisture and break down its collagen and elastin, which are responsible for its strength and elasticity. This can cause premature signs of aging.
  • Use alcohol-free toners -Toners are the important part of the skincare routine just like serum and moisturizer. A toner is the liquid that penetrates deep within the pores and skin, provides hydration, and enables in getting rid of dead pores and skin from the surface of skin. Just ensure to choose a toner that is alcohol-free, in order that it doesn’t dry out your pores and skin. This will also give you a fresh radiant skin.
  • Eat a balanced diet- Diet plays a crucial role is hydration of skin. Always take diet rich in protein and vitamins. Include fruits and juices in your diet along with green vegetables. A good and balanced diet will give you a moisturized plum skin.

When Should You Visit a Dermatologist?

Dehydrated skin usually isn’t a serious skin condition. Hydrating serums, creams and lotions can help you improve your skin’s texture. However, if your skin’s overall health doesn’t improve even after your hydration attempt and if you experience any of these symptoms, visit a dermatologist:

  • White flakes
  • Red patches
  • Itchy, irritated skin
  • Inflammation
  • If dry patches continue to spread on your body/face

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