Pure and Fresh Body Wash

Hi9 Pure and Fresh Body Wash - Fresh Feeling After Every Bath

Hi9 Aqua Oceanic Essence Pure and Fresh Body Wash - Fresh Feeling After Every Bath

The body wash is the most preferred over bar soap.  With just a little gel in your loofah mixed with water and it forms a foamy texture. Most body washes contain skin-softening emollients, which ultimately keep your skin hydrated and full of moisture. Bar soap is infamous for drying out skin, whereas body wash is better at moisturizing because many contain lotions or oils.

Hi9 Pure and fresh body wash is an excellent moisturizing agent. It cleans the body and gives you a fresh feeling. Another interesting fact is that it is produced to be more moisturizing for skin and these capabilities often come from the oils and creams that are combined into the formula which creates benefits from body wash and has much lesser drying for your skin compared with soap cakes. With regular application of body wash a body wash will not dry up your skin. This mild cleansing body wash makes your skin smooth and gives glowing skin.

It rejuvenates your skin giving you a pure and fresh feeling.


Benefits of Using Pure and Fresh Body Wash

  • Clean Skin- It washes away all the dust particles, dead cells and impurities from the body. This gives you clean and clear skin.
  • Mild cleansing - Mild cleansing does not cause harm to your skin as it is not harsh and leaves soft skin.
  • Moisturizing- As stated earlier, it is the best moisturizing agent. It moisturizes all your body, preventing it from excess dryness
  • Refreshing- It rejuvenates your skin thus, giving you a cool and fresh bath.
  • Soft Skin- Since it’s not harsh to the skin. Hence, it makes skin smooth and soft.


Unnatural, uneven darkening of the skin can happen due to an excess of melanin produced in the skin. You may suffer from this condition if your skin is repeatedly exposed to the sun or pollution. This body wash helps to repair the skin that got damaged due to harmful UV rays, pollution, and other environmental factors due to its antioxidant properties. It is a Sulphate Free Body Wash.

The Mild Surfactant complex, Olive Oil Ester, D Panthenol, Betaine, Aloe found in this body wash help in improving and maintaining skin elasticity, as well as to reduce tan, wrinkles, and fine lines. You can even out your skin tone by using this product. This makes you and your skin appear revitalized and youthful. Along with this it also helps in gives a pleasant fragrance throughout the day.

How to use Aqua Oceanic Essence Body Face Wash?

  • Pour enough amount in hand or loofah
  • Apply all over the wet body till adequate lather is formed
  • Rinse off with enough amount of water

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