How to Treat Open Pores on Your Face

How to Treat Open Pores on Face?

How to Close Open Pores on Face Permanently

The desire to have flawless and glass glow skin is a dream of every individual. But skin woes are common problem dealt by many women.  Make up and many cosmetics tend to make our skin worst and leave a harmful impact on them. One such problem is of open pores. When our pores are open our skin is prone to many pollution, dust and smoke which can enter our skin. Here, we will discuss how to treat these open pores and get rid of them:

1. Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day

Clogged pores or an oily skin can make pores look larger. Cleansing twice daily can unclog pores, prevent clogged pores, and reduce oiliness. When cleansing your face, you’ll want to:

Use warm water. Hot water can irritate your skin, causing pores to look larger.

Gently wash your face. Doing it in a harsh way can irritate the skin. When skin is inflamed, pores tend to be more noticeable. Hence, you should wash your face gently in circular motion.

Find a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser. Again, you want to do everything you can to stop irritating your skin and stop clogging your pores. Washing your face with Deep Clean Charcoal Face Wash can also help in preventing open pores.

2. Using a Mild Scrubber

Scrubbing your face will not only remove dust particles and impurities but will also help in treating open pores. Exfoliating your skin helps remove the things that clog up pores, such as oil and debris. Exfoliators work best when used daily or almost-daily. Hi9 product Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub enriched with Vitamin-E and Green Tea Extract will removes black heads from skin, exfoliates dead epidermal cells, cleans clogged pores to reveal smooth and refined skin texture. This will also clean clogged pores.

3. Using a Pre-tightening Toner

A good toner can help minimize pores and set your skin a-glowing! Bid good bye to those open pores and get a fresh, hydrated and radiant skin with Hi9 Illuminating Skin Toner. This pore tightening toner will rejuvenate your skin and offers a refreshing treat. This closes skin pores thus, protecting the skin from dust, pollution and impurities.

4. Always Removing Makeup at Night

It is essential always to remove makeup before going to sleep as it make damage the skin. Sleeping in makeup overnight can cause the pores to become blocked due to a buildup of makeup, oil, and bacteria.  Cleansing wipes are useful for removing makeup in a hurry. Cleaning your face before going to bed is a must as we should let our skin breathe.

5. Use Sunscreen Every Day

The harmful UV rays can cause damage to your skin. This will make the skin the less firmness. When skin starts to lose its firmness, pores look more noticeable. Applying a broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher helps prevent sun-damaged skin. To protect your skin, apply sunscreen every day, even when it’s raining or cold outside. Every time the sun’s rays hit our skin, they can damage our skin. This damage builds up over time.

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