What Is Night Gel Essential For Our Face?

What Is Night Gel Essential For Our Face?

Benefits of applying Night Cream on Face at Night

Your skin doesn’t act the same at night as it does during the day. Its rhythm changes. During the day, the skin plays a defensive role, protecting itself from UV rays, pollution, weather conditions and bacterial growth. When you’re asleep, the skin is also active, working to repair the damage caused during the day and regenerating itself.

How Does a Night Cream Help?

The only time our skin rest and remains undisturbed is at night Hence, by default, this is the time your skin takes to repair itself (beauty sleep, anyone?). Aiding your skin in this repairing process with the right night cream is a very important part of skincare. Night creams help rehydrate your skin and fight against free radicals which are responsible for skin damage. Thereby restoring your skin’s natural glow.

Environmental pollutants like the sun and pollution often leave the skin dehydrated. This is when you need to embrace a night cream that provides optimum hydration to your skin. During the day your face is bombarded by drying effects due to pollution and sun exposure. Come night time however, your water bottle is forgotten and your skin has to make it through to morning. A night cream will keep your skin hydrated overnight, ensuring that you wake up looking fresh faced. With a night cream, your skin becomes wonderfully smooth and supple.  It exfoliates skin keeping it clean.

Did you know that dark circles under your eyes are often caused by dehydration and certainly exacerbated by it? Night cream can help you tackle them. 

As we say, your face has quite a tough job during the day. By bedtime, following your evening routine, chances are that any potential irritation in your skin is at its most, well, irritated! A night cream can help to calm and soothe your skin overnight so that any redness or irritation is banished while you sleep. This helps to ensure that, by morning, you have an even skin complexion.

If you have acne or breakouts, the temptation is to dry out your skin. However, it needs soothing and moisturizing too. Doing this at night is the way to get the best balance. HI9 Green Tea with Active Mineral Complex Night Gel nourishes and repairs the skin whole night leaving it fresh and glow. Since, it contains Aloe and Cucumber it keeps your face cool and gives a refreshing look. This is the perfect Night Gel for Sensitive Skin.  It exfoliates and hydrates the skin removing the impurities from face.

When and How to Apply Night Gel?

Before going to bed at night, apply your night cream after you’ve removed all your makeup removed and cleansed and scrubbed your skin. Apply the cream to your entire face, with the exception of your eyelids and eye contour area, which require a specialized product to avoid swelling.

Note: Don’t expect your night cream to perform miracles from the first application! It takes about a month for the skin to renew itself. So, be patient and you’ll see results!

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